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How much is SSSTS course?

Overview: Cost of SSSTS Course in the UK

The SSSTS course is essential for those assuming supervisory roles within the construction industry. On average, prices range from £200 to £300 across the UK. It’s crucial to consider factors such as location, training provider, and additional resources when assessing the total cost.

Detailed Analysis of the SSSTS Course Cost

1. Understanding the SSSTS Course

The SSSTS course is a two-day training program focused on providing site supervisors with a solid understanding of health, safety, welfare, and environmental issues.

“Investing in the right training course is an investment in your professional future.”

2. Factors Affecting the SSSTS Course Cost

  • Location: Costs may be higher in certain areas.
  • Training Providers: Accredited centres may charge differently.
  • Additional Resources: Extra materials or exams may have separate costs.

3. Average Costs Across Various Locations

The table below outlines the average costs in different UK cities.

CityAverage Cost

4. Further Considerations

Beyond the course fee, consider additional costs such as travel, accommodation, and time off work.


Choosing the right SSSTS course involves evaluating not just the course fee, but also the reputation of the training provider and any additional expenses. Prioritize accredited centres to ensure high-quality learning and certification recognized across the industry.

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