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Is SSSTS a legal requirement?


In the United Kingdom, managing safety and ensuring the welfare of workers is paramount in the construction industry. One pertinent question that arises in this context is: “Is SSSTS a legal requirement?” In a concise response, SSSTS (Site Supervisors’ Safety Training Scheme) is not a legal requirement but it is highly recognised and deemed essential by many construction companies for their supervisors. It is a scheme designed to offer supervisors a comprehensive understanding of their legal, moral, and social responsibilities in terms of health, safety, welfare, and environmental issues.

Is SSSTS a Legal Requirement?

Though SSSTS is not legally mandated, the knowledge and skills acquired from this training are invaluable. The United Kingdom places a significant emphasis on health and safety, and while the law might not explicitly state the necessity for SSSTS certification, it does mandate that individuals in supervisory positions are competent and have received adequate training.

“Safety brings first aid to the uninjured.” – F.S. Hughes

This underscores the importance of voluntary certifications like SSSTS that enhance understanding and practical skills in managing safety on site.

Is SSSTS Worth Doing?

SSSTS training provides supervisors with the knowledge and skills to ensure a safe working environment for their team. Participants explore various topics including the legal responsibilities, risk assessment, accident prevention, and health and safety regulations. It certainly adds value to the supervisors’ profile and augments their capacity to ensure workplace safety.

  • Enhances knowledge on health and safety regulations.
  • Offers practical insights into accident prevention.
  • Boosts career progression opportunities.

What is SSSTS Equivalent To?

SSSTS is often compared to SMSTS (Site Managers’ Safety Training Scheme) as they both fall under the CITB’s suite of safety training courses. While SMSTS is designed for managers, SSSTS is tailored for supervisors. They differ in scope and depth, but both aim to improve the health and safety knowledge among site supervisors and managers.

CourseTarget AudienceDuration
SSSTSSupervisors2 Days
SMSTSManagers5 Days

In essence, while SSSTS is not a legal requirement in the UK, it holds substantial value in ensuring the safety and welfare of the workforce in the construction industry. It is a reliable and recognised qualification, proving the supervisor’s competence in managing a safe site. Considering the profound emphasis on health and safety in the UK construction industry, undergoing SSSTS training emerges as a constructive decision for every site supervisor aiming to enhance their career while contributing effectively to workplace safety.

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