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Where to get CSCS card for free?

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card is an essential requirement for anyone looking to work within the UK’s construction industry. This card not only verifies your identity but also your current qualifications and training relevant to the construction field. But with expenses everywhere, everyone is on the lookout for the best deals and savings. And, one of the pressing questions that many face is: “Is it possible to get a CSCS card for free?”

Can You Really Get a CSCS Card for Free?

The direct answer is: Not typically. But there are pathways and initiatives that might cover the cost for you or provide a discounted rate. It is essential to understand the avenues available and navigate them effectively.

Employer-Sponsored Cards

Many construction firms, recognising the importance of the CSCS card, might cover the expenses for their employees. If you’re already employed or have a job offer, it’s worth checking with your employer if they provide such benefits.

“Investing in our employees’ skills and certifications is a core tenet of our firm’s values.” – A UK-based construction firm manager

Training Provider Offers

Some training providers who offer courses linked with the CSCS card might bundle the card’s cost into their course fee or offer it at a significant discount. When selecting a training course, enquire about any such offers.

Grants and Charitable Initiatives

A handful of charitable foundations or grant schemes are designed to help individuals seeking to enter the construction sector. They may cover CSCS card costs as a part of their aid.

Steps to Get Your CSCS Card

  1. Check the type of CSCS card you need based on your job role.
  2. Ensure you have passed the relevant CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test within the last two years.
  3. If your role requires a qualification, make sure you have it.
  4. Apply for the card – either directly or through your employer or training provider.
  5. Pay the fee (unless covered by any of the above-mentioned methods).

Current Fees for the CSCS Card

Type of CSCS CardCost
Red – Trainee£30
Green – Labourer£30
Blue – Skilled Worker£30
Gold – Advanced Craft/Supervisory£30
Black – Manager£30

Remember: Costs might vary

The above table provides a general idea of the CSCS card costs. It’s always a good practice to check the latest fees on the official CSCS website or through your chosen training provider.

Alternative Avenues for Free CSCS Cards

Apprenticeship Programmes

If you’re an apprentice, there’s good news. Many apprenticeship programmes cover the cost of the CSCS card as part of the apprenticeship package. These programmes understand the importance of the card in the construction industry and often include it to make their apprenticeship more attractive and comprehensive.

Local Council Initiatives

Some local councils and boroughs have schemes or initiatives aimed at getting more local residents into the construction industry. They might cover the cost of training and the CSCS card as an incentive. It’s worth checking with your local council or a careers advisor to see if there are any such schemes you might be eligible for.

Job Centre Plus

Job Centre Plus, at times, might have funding or schemes available for those seeking employment in the construction sector. If you’re unemployed and looking to get into the construction industry, it’s worth discussing with your Job Centre Plus advisor about any available support for obtaining a CSCS card.

Industry Body Scholarships and Bursaries

Various construction industry bodies or institutions might offer scholarships, grants, or bursaries for those keen to get into or progress within the industry. These financial aids can cover costs associated with training and certifications, including the CSCS card.

“The future of the construction industry lies in the hands of the new generation. Providing support, whether through training or certifications, is essential.” – A senior member of a construction industry body

Union Support

If you’re a member of a trade union related to the construction industry, they might have support available for members to acquire necessary certifications and training. Some unions might either subsidise or cover the CSCS card fee for their members as part of their membership benefits.

Tips to Navigate Your Free CSCS Card Journey

  • Always research thoroughly about all available options.
  • Engage with peers, colleagues, and mentors in the industry for advice and recommendations.
  • Regularly check industry websites, forums, and local council sites for any new schemes or initiatives.
  • Remember, while the focus is on getting the CSCS card for free, ensure you also receive quality training and preparation for the job role you’re aspiring for.


While getting a CSCS card for free might seem like a challenge, understanding your options can pave the way for savings. Whether it’s through employer sponsorship, training provider discounts, or charitable initiatives, there are methods available to reduce or completely cover the costs. As with all professional certifications, consider it an investment in your future in the construction sector.

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