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Can I get a black card with SMSTS?

Can I Get a Black Card with SMSTS?

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) is a renowned course that provides comprehensive training for individuals working in a managerial role within the construction industry. The SMSTS course, while highly beneficial, does not directly qualify individuals for the Black CSCS Card in the UK. The Black CSCS Card is generally awarded to individuals with a high level of experience and qualifications in managerial roles within construction.

Understanding the Black CSCS Card

The Black CSCS Card, also known as the Manager Card, is intended for individuals who have significant managerial experience in the construction industry. To obtain this card, one must meet certain qualification and experience requirements, which are generally higher than those needed for the SMSTS.

“The Black CSCS Card is a symbol of expertise and extensive experience in managerial roles within the construction sector.”

SMSTS: A Stepping Stone

The SMSTS course is an excellent foundation for those seeking advanced roles in site management. While it doesn’t directly lead to a Black CSCS Card, the training and knowledge provided can help individuals advance their careers and pursue further qualifications necessary for the Black CSCS Card.

  • SMSTS provides essential knowledge for managing health and safety on construction sites.
  • It covers risk assessment, method statements, and understanding health and safety legislation.

Can I Get a Gold Card with SMSTS?

Similarly, obtaining a SMSTS certification does not guarantee eligibility for a Gold CSCS Card, also known as a Supervisor Card. This card is specifically for supervisors in the construction industry.

Gold Card Requirements

The requirements for a Gold CSCS Card include holding a relevant NVQ/SVQ level 3 or an equivalent qualification. While the SMSTS course is beneficial for supervisory roles, it is not listed as a qualification for the Gold CSCS Card.

Card TypeRoleQualification
Black CSCS CardManagerLevel 6 NVQ/SVQ or equivalent
Gold CSCS CardSupervisorLevel 3 NVQ/SVQ or equivalent

Further Steps Beyond SMSTS

To increase the chances of obtaining either a Black or Gold CSCS Card, consider pursuing the relevant NVQ/SVQ levels or other equivalent qualifications.

  • Continued Professional Development (CPD) is crucial for career advancement in the construction industry.
  • Engage in additional training and gain relevant experience in supervisory or managerial roles.


In conclusion, while SMSTS is a valuable course for aspiring managers and supervisors in the construction industry, it does not directly qualify individuals for the Black or Gold CSCS Cards. Attaining these cards requires additional qualifications and experience. Nevertheless, the knowledge and training gained from the SMSTS course play a crucial role in career advancement and preparation for further qualifications in the industry.

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