Training Matters

Supporting growth in the Construction Industry

Our passion is Construction and Training.

We believe that developing the skills of workers in the construction industry is crucial to the health of the UK economy – that’s why we are working with employers to make sure our industry has the right skills in the right place, at the right time.

More and more construction companies are recognising the benefits of investing in training to help boost skills and prepare for the industry returning to growth.

Construction Training is a vital component of assuring the safety and well-being of all those involved in the construction Sector and we are passionately committed to upskilling workers and reducing the skills gap that currently presides in the Construction Industry.

Funding & CostsFunding & Costs

We recognise when times are hard firms are forced to look at the bottom line of the balance sheet and they can often feel training is an added expense.

However it is in these times that investing in training is more important than ever to help ensure we avoid a skills shortfall when the industry returns to growth.

The construction sector is fully committed to the enhancement of skills and knowledge through funded provisions for training and assessment.

Here at Central Construction Training Ltd we work hard by ensuring we network with as many colleges and government departments as possible to make sure we can access as many sources of funding as possible for our learners.

For all other training and qualifications that fall out of funding there will be a short term outlay that needs to be made. Wherever you look training isn’t cheap. However, there are ways you can claim money to help with the costs of training and we promise to offer all the support, advice and guidance required to assist you in meeting the costs of training.

Training is important and is essential for the future of the industry. These are difficult times and it is the skills and qualifications of our workforce that will help us survive. We believe that those companies that have a fully trained workforce will have a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Our Commitment to Training

Here at Central Construction Training Ltd, we believe that our training and assessment team are the best in their profession.

Each member of our training and assessment team hold current up to date teaching certification, assessment qualification and Internal verification awards in accordance to their role within our company. With numerous years of trade sector based experience between them, our client focused team are 100% committed to encouraging learning and providing the maximum level of support to all learners and helping secure their future success.

Supporting your construction business

Supporting your construction businessSuccess in business

Success in business means providing quality work and great service at a good price. It means keeping up with legislation and training and staying ahead of the competition. To do that, you need skilled staff who are full of ideas, know the job and understand business priorities. That means they need quality training.

A skilled, trained workforce can dramatically improve bottom line performance, adding value to products and services and making it easier to compete locally & nationally.

Who needs to train?

Everyone needs to improve their skills – whether it’s a young person just starting out or an old hand with many years’ experience.

Plan for the future.

The average age of the print workforce is 48 years old. The recruitment of young employees is essential to lead your business into the future.

Productivity – the facts

  • Research shows training plays a key role in increased job satisfaction. Two-thirds of employees said they worked harder as a result of learning new skills
  • Businesses investing an extra £50 a week on training increased profits almost twice as fast as those that failed to raise training budgets
  • In the UK only 28% of the population have intermediate skills compared with 51% in France and 65% in Germany, and this has a direct impact on productivity. French and German workers produce between a quarter and a third more in every hour than their British counterparts

Employer benefits to training your workforceEmployer benefits to training your workforce

Training & industry qualifications will keep your workers motivated and up-to-date with new technologies, innovations and this is the soul key for a sustainable, competitive and profitable business.

Employers gain higher profits and a host of other bottom-line benefits from workplace training programs. More skillful employees save employers time and money, and improve performance and productivity.

Other benefits include reduced error rates, a better health and safety record, reduced waste in production of goods and services and increased customer and employee retention. These benefits translate into financial savings, productivity gains and higher profits.

On top of all that, employees with better basic skills tend to learn more and faster when they take job-specific and technical training.

Staff Training brings direct benefits to your business and can be considered as a return on asset.

A skilled worker is a most valuable asset for any organisation.