New Industry Standards: Hard Hat Colour Code

Health and safety on site is a top priority at Central Construction Training, so anything that can help improve standards is welcomed by our Team.

Build UK contractors are introducing different coloured hard hats in a bid to make sites safer. These new hard hat colour standards have been launched in a bid to develop best practice and communication in construction projects across the UK.

Build UK, which brings together 27 of the industry’s largest contractors, 40 leading trade associations and over 11,500 specialist contractors, is the driving force behind these new standards. These are to be implemented across all new construction sites and existing construction sites where practical. The simple code will help contractors improve site safety by clearly signalling the role, skill set and safety training level of team members to all personnel on site.

The Build UK Safety Helmet Colours Standard, which coincided with the release of its Training Standard, was drafted in consultation with, and the full support of, Build UK members to develop best practice and ensure the effective delivery of construction projects. Using simple colour coding to identify on-site personnel, the Standard provides a clear and consistent approach to improve communication and safety across UK construction projects.

In brief the new colours are:

Black: Supervisor

Orange: Slinger/Signaller

White: Site Manager/Competent Operative/Vehicle Marshall (distinguished by the wearing of a different coloured vest)

Blue: All those coming to site who do not fall into any of the above categories

Additionally, Build UK has launched a new Training Standard, which was developed in response to a Construction Leadership Council recommendation to specify and promote card schemes carrying the CSCS logo, and aims to help contractors assess the competence of construction workers, along with their eligibility to work on-site.

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Coloured hard hats to make sites safer