CPCS Amendments: Slinger/Signaller Category A40

There have been some changes to the Slinger/Signaller Category (A40), and the following is the latest update from CPCS to reflect changes due to come to effect this month.

This category is being amended to add endorsements against a range of lifting equipment types to cover the increased use of slingers for a wider variety of lifting operations. The range includes:

A40A- All Types ā€“ all duties
A40B- All Types ā€“ Static duties
A40C- Knuckle boom static only
A40Dā€“ Excavator only
A40E- Lift truck only
As a result of the additional endorsements, the number of learning outcomes has increased and these include key requirements for marshalling of plant, controlling loads during pick-and-carry duties and knowledge of when additional skills for particular lifting operations are required. Similarly theory test questions have been increased to reflect the additions to the new safety critical outcomes. The practical test specification states the minimum sized or type of lifting equipment that must be selected for the test, for example the lift truck endorsement requires a telescopic handler.

Please call our dedicated enquiries team on 01543 455 400 for further information on these changes and they will be glad to assist you further.