Bespoke Training

Bespoke coursesCentral Construction Training Ltd is an independent private training provider established to provide exceptional customer service and training to the Construction industry. Our motto of “Because quality & safety matters” is based on the recognition that as a company we can contribute to the prosperity of the UK and the Construction Industry in skilling the workforce to facilitate productivity, profitability & Safety.

We work with hundreds of businesses across the country and have built a solid understanding of the needs of business.
We believe every business is individual and we are committed to working with our clients to listen & learn and to deliver training that meets fully with their business needs.

Bespoke courses

Bespoke training can vary from a slightly tailored version of a standard course, to a completely new project to meet specific needs. It requires knowledge of the business around which the training is based, an awareness of how people learn and not least an understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

We have many years’ experience of writing and delivering bespoke courses and can help you understand the development and roll out processes required to ensure a successful course which meets all your objectives.
For bespoke work we listen carefully to your requirements and deliver a clear proposal detailing objectives, outcomes & costs.

On a wider basis we have experience of delivering various learning and development initiatives and we can offer advice where a training course may not be the only solution

Rest assured, whichever trade or construction training course you choose you will experience the best construction training available on an enjoyable and intensive course that is ‘hands-on’ and delivered by experienced professionals.

How it works

Initial Communication

Once you have identified a training need, get in touch with our training advisory team by email ( or by calling us on 0845 366 5453 and we will be happy to discuss your training options.

Training Needs Assessment

Our experienced and knowledgeable tutors & instructors will be able to recommend exactly which type of training you would require based on your content, time-scale and budget requirements. We will be more than pleased to come and meet with you face to face if this option is preferable. Throughout the process we will work with you to create an individual training course or a fully bespoke training programme. At this point, it may become clear that you require further consultation to achieve your strategic business aims. If this is the case, then we offer a full consultancy process in which funding options are explored, and on-going support/development are implemented to guide your business to its goals.

Training Delivery

We can deliver at any location depicted by you (depending on the logistical requirements of the course). Here at Central Construction Training Ltd we have use of 3 classrooms at our training facility in Walsall, Birmingham. Course delivery includes full course materials for each delegate and lunch/refreshments will be provided for full day courses.

Feedback and Recommendations

After the training has taken place we will conduct an evaluation of the training from the delegates and the course leader. This will provide ourselves with feedback on the delivery, and would also provide your employees’ opinion on the course; which may highlight further recommendations for training.

The Benefits to You

  • Bespoke – A course for your team only, tailored to your specific needs using up-to-date examples and case-studies tailored to your organisation, including course feedback and recommendations.
  • Flexible – Delivery when and where you decide, at your premises or our training centres.
  • Quality – The highest quality training delivered by qualified & accredited industry experts.
  • Customer Service – Central Construction Training Ltd ensures convenient and streamlined communications at all times. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction & outstanding client retention.
  • Budgeting – We will work with you to tailor a course/training package to meet your budget requirements.
  • Savings – We also guarantee to explore all sources for funding & grants that may be available to you.